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steve roden

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steve roden - Pcahuilcsaigmon

steve roden


€ 9.90

LABEL: Farpoint Recordings
GENRE: Sound Art | FORMAT: TAPE | CATALOG N. fp056 | YEAR. (2015)

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pcahuilcsaigmon is the new cassette release from innovative US based sound and visual artist Steve Roden and the second instalment in our new series of cassette tape editions. Farpoint Recordings are pleased to present this latest audio work from Steve Roden containing two new long tracks presented on compact audio cassette.
  Featuring a vibrant blue cassette shell, each wrapped with full colour fold-out artwork with a front image by Steve Roden all housed in a clear plastic box. On the inside face of the cover artwork the artist contributes a short text relating to the audio -

“so i slide over to the object. and i say, “you... hey you... you object. you are everything.” i remember seeing. a lot in an auction. consisting of small pieces. of rotted wood. and rusted nails. these objects. seemed to have. lost their usefulness. but they were. pieces of george washington’s coffin. so history plays a part. in determining. an object’s resonance. like a talisman. whatever is imbued. remains in the object. and gives it power. transformation and alchemy. are part of any leap. of faith.” (excerpt, by Steve Roden)

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