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Persian Electronic Music Volume 2 (Lp)
€ 15.50
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sote - Persian Electronic Music Volume 2  (Lp)
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Cosmic Kosmische


Persian Electronic Music Volume 2 (Lp)

€ 15.50

LABEL: Sub Rosa
GENRE: Psych | FORMAT: LP | CATALOG N. SR 454LPV | YEAR. (2019)

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Sote aims to devise an idealized fusion of the musical heritage and tradition of Iran with the forward-thinking vision which has propelled his storied career producing techno, hardcore, and computer music for labels like Warp, Ge-stell, Morphine, and Repitch. Now living in Tehran, his music has frequently grappled with the strict cultural restrictions imposed in his country over the past few decades, finding a space and setting to nurture new developments in experimental sound and performance. Working with Arash Bolouri, who plays the santour (Persian hammered dulcimer), and Behrouz Pashaei on the long-necked, four-string setar, Sote frames and responds to their traditional artistry. On occasions he directly manipulates the music emanating from their ancient instruments, cultivating, and thickening up a surreal and beautiful tonality plucked from their strings with a series of processing techniques, but mostly each track is a peaceful arrangement and partnership, Sote electro-acoustically augmenting their movements within his own cybernetic framework. Unusual color and complex microtonality found in the classical music of Iran. Blurts of noise, sour tones, and a vaguely technoid or dub-wise impression expose the inner rhythm and counterpoint embedded in this strummed music. Emotional, mathematical and polyrhythmic principles underpinning Persian music, the record reveals a dramatic blend of acoustic Persian instrumentation and contemporary electronics. Artwork by Ala Ebtekar.

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