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Henri Pousseur

Petales de Reve

Label: Die Schachtel

Format: Vinyl LP box deluxe

Genre: Compositional Form

Out of stock

**LAST COPIES** This is the extremely limited edition by composer Henri Pousseur released by Die Schachtel. Composed for and dedicated to Mr.Pousseur’s friend Hans Zender for his 80th birthday, these compositions (registered live in late 2007) are in fact 36 Haïkus written by Pousseur himself, accompanied by his piano music, based on an ingenuous aleatoric score and played with great intensity by Sophie-Mayuko Vetter, daughter of the German composer. A work of moving beauty, highly sophisticated and deeply human at the same time.

- deluxe box, covered with petal-like extra-matte white paper and silksceened in matt black and silver
- contains the a black 33rpm high quality vinyl LP record, released in 100 copies only
- a 1 meter-long fold-out aleatoric score plus instructions
- a 40-pages luxurious booklet with the Haikus in three languages
- six original prints of Japanese calligraphy on cotton paper
- the colophon (track-list) sheet, hand-numbered and signed by H. Pousseur




Cat. number: DSART08
Year: 2008

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