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jason lescalleet - graham lambkin

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jason lescalleet - graham lambkin - Photographs
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jason lescalleet - graham lambkin


€ 21.00

LABEL: Erstwhile Records
GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: CDx2 | CATALOG N. ERST 070CD | YEAR. (2013)

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Graham Lambkin and Jason Lescalleet stand side by side in the vanguard of contemporary sound exploration. Since the initiation of their collaborative endeavors in 2006, the duo have crafted a nice combination of audio vérité and musique concrète, together building a highly personal body of work. 2008's critically acclaimed The Breadwinner illuminated the artistic potential found in mundane and commonplace circumstances. 2010's Air Supply showcased a darker side, nudging the civilian themes of its predecessor into fields of pure abstraction. Photographs brings Lambkin and Lescalleet back again to the questions of self and place. Photographs presents a monolithic reappraisal of heritage, both individual and shared, and reevaluates the geographic and societal influence inherent in formative memory. Recorded in Folkestone, England and Worcester, Massachusetts, Photographs invites the listener to journey through Lambkin and Lescalleet's historical registry, places of birth, childhood haunts, locations of enlightenment and kingdoms of despair. Photographs welcomes the listener into the houses and homes of Lambkin and Lescalleet's upbringing. It's a meet and greet with family and friends, a traipse through ever-changing street scenes, and a document of a fading static past. But Photographs is not just a memorial to a time long since spent. Lambkin and Lescalleet take you there and back in celebration of their ancestry, breathing new life into each chapter and event. As a survey of origin and a major artistic statement, Photographs proves itself to be a worthwhile investment, and one that brings Lambkin and Lescalleet's collaboration full circle. The beginning now knows its end, the final part has fallen into place, a plan has worked well and everything is perfect. Housed in a deluxe UV-varnished 12-panel fold-out digipak, boasting copious site-specific pictorial data, Photographs sets the new gold standard for CD design presentation, and provides the music with lavish adornment. Mastered by Jason Lescalleet at Glistening Labs with a running time of over 95 minutes, Photographs is an audio/visual treasure trove whose richness and detail will give pleasure enough to last a lifetime.

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