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Roméo Poirier

Plage Arrière (LP)

Label: Kit

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

**Limited Edition sea green vinyl** Following his acclaimed new album for sferic a few weeks back, Roméo Poirier’s debut album 'Plage Arrière’ is given a new vinyl pressing for those wanting to spare the £££ it’s going for second hand. Intoxicating heat-haze ambient inspired by Aegean sojourns and evocative of beautiful escapist interzones, highly recommended if you’re into classic To Rococo Rot, Jan Jelinek, Andrew Pekler...  “French lifeguard and sonic artist Roméo Poirier’s long sold out debut tape finally gets a vinyl reissue. “Plage Arrière” is a deep sea meditation on a constellation of Greek beaches across three islands. Trumpets, echo-clicks and Harold Budd-esque shimmer piano whirl together on these seductive scapes, which recall the sub-aqeaous ambitions of Jürgen Müller or Jan Jelinek inspecting a coral reef.   Like sand-caked postcards, or pieces of seaglass tumbled and re-engineered by their surroundings, each piece exists a keepsake from the song's namesake beach.   These missives glide in and out of earshot, bustling like miniature engines, finely tuned and rhythmically confounding. They echo the factory sampling work of YMO on Technodelic: industrial but somehow good-natured, a symbiosis of machinery and wildlife - like an artificial reef or propeller blades smothered in algae.   Plage Arrière is Roméo’s second album this year following “Kystwerk”, where he joined forces with the Norwegian poet Lars Haga Raavand. “Plage” also marks the inaugural release for SWIMS, a new experimental-focused imprint of Cold Blow, who are releasing the LP alongside London label and NTS residents Kit Records."

Cat. number: KR22V/SWIM01-COL
Year: 2020

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