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Nuno Canavarro

Plux quba

Label: Moikai

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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First release on Jim O'Rourke's now limbo-ized label. Nuno is credited with performing on electronics, melodica & pre-recorded tapes -- this is a subtle and supremely pleasing home electronics album -- thankfully resurrected. "Köln, Germany around 1991. After a 40-minute train ride from Aächen, Christoph Heemann and Jim O'Rourke are sitting around with Jan St. Werner, C-Schulz, Frank Dommert and George Odjik. Heemann has brought with him a strange obscure disc (what else?) from Portugal by some group called Plux Quba. Or is it the record? The label? Who knows, because no one here reads Portuguese, dummy! But what they do know when the needle hits the groove is that they've never heard anything like it. Attempts to cite reference points are soon given up, there are some similarities to Robert Ashley's later work, but even that is deceiving. It is simple, gentle, melodic, and yet completely alien. Yes, a few copies were bought in Köln that year, where the genesis of the new happening A-Musik scene is finally hitting fertile ground running. The only way these people could describe this music comes out slowly, as an influence on their own work, from Heemann's solo works to Jan's involvement in Microstoria and Mouse on Mars, yet the Plux Quba remains a little known enigma.
Cat. number: M 1
Year: 1998

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