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Roberto Masotti, John Cage

Prove di Empty Words, Milano, Teatro Lirico 1977

Label: Die Schachtel

Format: Misc

Out of stock

A very special Die Schachtel art edition, a fine art print on Baryta FB, Hahnemühle, sized cm. 30 x 40 in edition of 15 copies, numbered and signed by the author. Photo taken during the rehearsal of "Empty Words", a Cage's milestone performance which took place at Teatro Lirico in Milan on December 2nd, 1977. The composer sitting at a small school desk, reading  words and phonemes taken from diary of H.D.T. with the help of a small light. Empty Words is a long text derived from the journals of Henry David Thoreau, achieved through extraction of its words, letters, and phrases through Cage's use of the I Ching.
Nothing in Empty Words is actually meaningful, but Cage is moving beyond language into the realm of pure speech, something nearly musical related to both sound poetry and randomly generated texts.

This is a special item was produced in the occasion of "John Cage begins anywhere" held at O' art center in Milan, 2011

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Year: 2011

ltd 15, handnumred and signed. fine art photograph on Baryta FB, Hahnemühle, sized 30" x 40"

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