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michel pascal

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michel pascal - Puzzle

michel pascal


€ 16.50

GENRE: Compositional Form | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. INA C 2015 | YEAR. (2000)

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"Produced by Centre international de recherche musicale, Nice, France. Project involving 22 instrumentists featuring Pierre-Yves Artaud (flutes), Alexandre Ouzounoff (bassoon), Daniel Kientzy (saxophone), Vinko Globokar (trombone), Elisabeth Chojnacka (harpsichord). Puzzle 1999 (14-17) commissioned by INA-GRM." (Discogs)

"An extension of the 'virtual orchestra' in which composer Pascal composes music out of gathered individual instrumental tones and lines (with the musicians never having met or convened in one space at the same time, natch). Participants include Vinko Globokar (trombone), Raymond Boni (Guitar), Barre Philips (Bass), Michel Godard (Tuba), Daniel Kientzy (Saxphone), Pierre Yves Artaud (Flute), etc... Similar in application to John Oswald's plunderphonic construction of the free jazz quartet out of Steve Lacy and Cecil Taylor (etc...) solo recordings." -- Hrvatski.

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