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Andrea Centazzo, Alvin Curran, Evan Parker

Real Time One


Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

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This CD presents a live recording by three outstanding musicians recorded in 1977. Centazzo had collaborated both with Alvin Curran in duo and with Evan Parker in duo, trio and sextet before this recording.
 Alvin Curran, American composer living in Rome, member of the Ensemble Musica Elettronica Viva (along with Fredrick Rzewski, Steve Lacy, Richard Teitelbaum a.o.) was related to the post-cagean school and to the improvised music.
Evan Parker, English, coming from the tradition of jazz, had developing a very personal style deeply rooted in the total improvisation.
The idea of Centazzo to call them to form a trio was a very successful one. As a trio the group performed many concerts in Italy and recorded several hours of music. The three different languages of the musicians found \"a common ground of expression in which the stylistic elements from different musical backgrounds came together and created a unique blend for that era\", as Centazzo describes the experience.
The three mixes the electronic sounds of analog synthesizer with the acoustic instruments producing a very special combination in which is very difficult to recognize the sources of the sound.
The CD is enriched by an unissued track. A second CD including music completely unissued will follow later on in this same series
Cat. number: rdc 5029 2 cd
Year: 1996

All compositions Warner Chappel Music - Italy

Recorded live in concert Rome, Italy December 12-13, 1977

Tracks 1 to 4 originally releases as
Track 5 previously unissued

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