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Record Store Record
€ 29.90
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various - Record Store Record


Record Store Record

€ 29.90

LABEL: RRRecords
GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: Vinyl LPx2 | CATALOG N. RRR RSR | YEAR. (2011)

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If you cant come to our shop, then maybe our shop can come to you. no, this is not a collection of in-store performances, there are no bands or artists trying to impress you with their skillz and technique - this is a collection of location/environmental recordings made inside our record stores, just the sound of regular everyday customers looking at records, talking about records, buying records - oh yeah, and record store owners boxing up records for mail-order customers - audio verite, sound poetry and a touch of musique concrete, 2 tracks are processed
cut-up/collage and 3 tracks are straight open mic recordings - participating record stores are : Hospital Productions, RRRecords, Sarvilevyt, Second Layer Records, Weirdo Records. for the optimal experience, it is recommended you listen to this record while looking through your record collection.' 'Even though this release is a single LP, every copy includes a bonus back catalog RRR LP - anyone who buys a record of people talking about records deserves a free record with actual noise/music on it'. 'And finally, every copy comes with an official RRR Tote Bag - heavy duty nylon bag with RRR squiggle design silkscreened by the guys at Shogun Shop/Heartworm Press (the Cold Cave dudes)

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