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Gary Higgins

Red Hash

Label: Drag City

Format: Vinyl LP+7"

Genre: Experimental

Out of stock

2012 repress, first reissued in 2008. LP version with bonus 7". "1973: Connecticut native Gary Higgins and his friends record Red Hash and release it on Gary's own Nufusmoon Records. Following the release, legal issues halt all promotion and sales, rendering the small pressing of Red Hash a hotly-rumored and much sought-after 'lost' album of rock and roll lore. 2005: Drag City is honored to present the first-ever authorized reissue of Gary Higgins' acid-folk gem Red Hash -- mastered from the original master tapes with two previously unheard bonus tracks. The reviews are glowing: the haunting sound of Gary's meticulously arranged folk-pop is a sound that everyone can relate to, and Red Hash makes many year-end lists around the world as Top Reissue. And so, after thirty-five years, Red Hash vinyl is back in stock, with a limited-edition LP that includes a 7" single featuring the first-ever vinyl pressing of the CD bonus songs 'Don't Ya Know' and 'Last Great Sperm Whale.' This is your chance to grab at a letter-perfect reproduction of a folk-rock classic from the early 1970s."
Cat. number: DC 295LP
Year: 2012
Comes with a bonus 7" which features tracks "Don't Ya Know" and "Last Great Sperm Whale", which were bonus tracks on the CD reissue on Drag City from 2005. Includes double-sided lyrics insert and "Red Hash is coming" bumper sticker.

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