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Steven Stapleton, Tony Wakeford

Revenge Of The Selfish Shellfish

Label: Robot Records

Format: CDx2 digipack deluxe

Genre: Experimental

Out of stock

very last copies ultra-limited release, originally released by Tursa (UK) in 1992, Revenge of the Selfish Shellfish was the first, full-length collaboration between Steven Stapleton and Tony Wakeford. Consisting of an eerie, yet beautiful, combination of songs and surreal locales, Shellfish remains a unique landmark with qualities not easily found in either Nurse With Wound or Sol Invictus discography. Evoking a strong sense of narrative, such as Wakeford's vocals on Lucifer Before Sunrise and the perpetual, tape-music panorama of Stapleton's The Frightened City, the listener is transported to ominous and quite unexpected destinations. Accordingly, these compositions often blur the line between distant dreams and foreboding reality. This new deluxe edition includes fully restored original artwork by Babs Santini, plus new visual flourishes and remastered audio by Matt Waldron. Also, included is a bonus disc with previously unreleased mixes by Steven Stapleton from the original Shellfish sessions, along with new mixes by Tony Wakeford,, Andrew Liles, and Brian Conniffe. All packaged in a sturdy mini-lp, gatefold jacket with 6-panel full color booklet

Cat. number: RR-38
Year: 2009