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Bass In Action

Tonio Rubio


Label: Fifth Dimension

Format: CD

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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Antoine or Tonio Rubio has been an ever busy musician, composer and performer since the early 1960s in the French scene as far as one gets information on this man. He performed with Les Golden Stars in the 60s and had gone solo by 1973 when he recorded the album reviewed here. And it is a fantastic album if you love black funk music from the dirty back roads of big American cities mixed with electric jazz and fusion rock that once was hot by the time it was initially developed out of the slowly fading free jazz of the later 1960s.


Both directions join together on this record in an utterly captivating way making this album become a journey through landscapes of sound rather than a collection of musical pieces. The tunes are mostly instrumental with a few wordless choirs and voice performances thrown in here and there in support of the delicate instrumental arrangements that are able to conjure an atmosphere so haunting and obscure it may swallow your soul. But there is much more to experience here. Funny pop tunes as well as devastating dance tunes that make you spin around like mad and when Tonio Rubio and his band let their creativity discharge into these hypnotic funk tunes each listener will be grooving and moving. This is a rather colorful record made to get you into the groove. Other than that it would be appropriate background music for 1970s action and crime movies if not even erotic flicks. Everything here is well performed and the sound for this reissue has been carefully restored. So be welcome to explore the smoldering dark psyche jazz corners and the dead end streets where dirty ghetto funk eruptions pour out from the smokey clubs with Tonio Rubio and his nameless companions.


Cat. number: FD5022
Year: 2016

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