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laura mello

Ringing Still Life (7")
€ 8.00
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laura mello - Ringing Still Life (7

laura mello

Ringing Still Life (7")

€ 8.00

LABEL: Corvo
GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: Vinyl 7" | CATALOG N. core 014 | YEAR. (2019)

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**300 copies** Laura Mello is a Brazilian born sound artist currently based in Berlin. For her first vinyl outing she chose a double-tracked 7″, which means there are two grooves on each side, and whichever one the needle happens to end up following will determine what you hear. Two of the grooves feature ringtone-based sounds she has created over the years, the other two mix field recordings and other things in with these tones, making for a fairly chaotic (and quite lovely) racket. Pretty sure I’ve now heard all four tracks (by fiddling around quite a bit) and I think I prefer the flow of the multi-sourced collages to the ringtone bits, which tend toward the episodic. But it’s all pretty whacked. (The Wire, Byron Coley)


"Ringing Still Life is a 7″ concept-album. The medium where I discovered what I would later learn to call hörspiel accompannied me throughout my childhood. At that time, I had a huge collection of children´s stories on 7″ vinyl, including pretty well done musical arrangements. Thus, I wanted to honor the format that surely influenced my further musical path, bringing together in one single concept two technologies that refer to different times: ringtones and vinyl records. The double groove cut enhances the game with a chance operation: either you reach the groove with only ringtones in it, or you hear ringtones and field recordings. The material for the ringtones was generated in many steps within some years, played during a jam session recorded at the ELAK-Studios in Vienna, and other random recordings from the time, processed and re-composed later on. The field recordings belong to another collection of mine which includes sound landscapes from many places I have been. Ringing Still Life is a sounding bridge between different media, times, places and my first work on vinyl."
Laura Mello

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