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david maranha

Salt Ashes, Goat Skin
€ 21.90
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david maranha - Salt Ashes, Goat Skin

david maranha

Salt Ashes, Goat Skin

€ 21.90

GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: LP | CATALOG N. roar 43 LP | YEAR. (2010)

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** shipping within a few days** In an everlasting process that continuously repositions and reevaluates infinity as a consciously unachievable but ultimately rewarding goal since the early '90s, David Maranha's music has been riding that arc with ferocity and aplomb. A unique vision that has been translating the eternal in a sprawling language through countless performances, approaches and records like Marches of the New World and the Roaratorio released classic Antarctica. Always the unsettled mind, Maranha conveys his spiraling vision towards its core with this new ensemble. Comprised of Diana Combo on drums, Filipe Felizardo on electric guitar and David himself on organ and violin, they are a speculative tour de force around sensory principles of movement, stillness and reaction. Long drawn-out semi-riffs feedback along the drifting textures of the violin and the organ like rock's ultimate coda stretched into nowhere. Drums plodding in restraint, sustaining the drone-like vortex of electricity without ever reaching any sort of conclusion in four pieces that inhabit their own universe continually. As it should.' -- Bruno Silva

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300 copies in silkscreened covers

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