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[multer] - Schauzeichen



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GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: Vinyl 10” | CATALOG N. travel_document #5 | YEAR. (2002)

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This 10" is the most condensed kind of a summary of the sound of [multer] in its whole variety from 1997 to 2003. From abstract soundscapes with added field-recordings to hypnotically looping song-derivates or even shorter running proto-tech. ………and everything fits.
The three-piece out of Dortmund, Germany produces timeless music, that may appeal to fans of Labradford, with its swirling, timestretched guitar-chords. But, also connoisseurs of home electronica and avantgarde music may like to give a listen as the group pays tribute to its own roots as ABGS – an industrial field recording ensemble – by adding a tissue of noises and found sounds to their tracks.

Notes   Tracklisting
Recorded November '99 / February '00 @ Bold. Edition of 500 copies. This is part one in a series of travel documents issued by the ministry of detours of the kingdom of elgaland-vargaland [krev]. Side A 45 rpm Side B 33 rpm LC 01291 GEMA (p)&(c) 2002 aufabwegen
A1   Chalice (9:19)
B1   Vibration One (6:43)
B2   Wreck Up (3:16)
B3   67:03 (3:14)