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Andrzej Korzynski

Secret Enigma

Label: Finders Keepers Records

Format: CD

Genre: Rock

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Finders Keepers are at it again, this time unearthing more stunning material from Polish enigma Andrzej Korzynski, who the label introduced to many of us with the unmissable ‘Possession’ OST a few months back. This bumper twenty-two-track collection fills in some of the gaps in his catalogue, and Finders Keepers have done the legwork for us yet again, sweeping up tunes from lost master tapes and film reels to provide us with music that truly deserved to be found. The main stylistic pointer here would be Ennio Morricone, as Korzynski shares the same aptitude in genre-hopping as his Italian predecessor and over the course of fifty minutes we hit on jazz, classical, experimental electronics, lounge, funk and plenty more. Somehow it all manages to slot together, coming across far more like a ‘proper album’ than its loose compilation status might have you thinking. We know there are plenty of horror soundtrack fiends out there, but ‘Secret Enigma’ should have even further reach than that, touching on the jaw-dropping early work of John Barry or even Trunk-cosigned Brit pioneer Basil Kirchin. Don’t sleep!
Cat. number: FKR055CD
Year: 2012

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