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Secret Performance: Works 2009-2015 (CD)
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veltz - Secret Performance: Works 2009-2015 (CD)


Secret Performance: Works 2009-2015 (CD)

€ 16.00

LABEL: VLZ Produkt
GENRE: Sound Art | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. VLZ00040-CD | YEAR. (2019)

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Pairing the "Hommage to Home Electronics"  released by Omega Point, this anthology is an archive containing a large number of unpublished documents, which further extensively covers the extensive experimentality of Veltz.
This archive board opens its curtain on the silent track "World is Loud". Although Akira Matsuoka (aka Veltz) often presents a silent approach, this track is an artistic response unique to Veltz towards a modern situation filled with too much information and disturbing air. In addition, “Voltage controlled broken TV music” that plays analog TV with a very pop and pulse-like approach not included in “Dedicated to analog TV”, drone orchestra “Veltz / Or” with six saxophone and violin Also included are experimental results full of versatility, such as the collaboration "Endless Summer" with Keisuke Murai and Hisashi Nishihara, and the "Tape recorders orchestra" with only fine noise emitted by the cassette tape recorder itself.


"I have been interested in junk materials and have made sound works since several years ago. Before then, I listened to experimental music as a fan, but the border between music and non-music became meaningless from encounters with Fluxus, sound-art, media-art and others. Since then, I love the texture of sound itself. I collected abandoned analog televisions when the transmitting system of broadcast signals was changed to digital format in 2011. They are one of my favorite instruments at present, and I hold live performances and installations using them. On this CD I used analog TV, cassette tape recorder, and video players. However, the sounds are not manipulated, and I recorded their spontaneous machine-noise only. It this 'experimental music?' I think it may be 'discovered music.' Obviously, I cannot get away from the fascination with ordinary equipment in my life." --Veltz

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