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roberto cacciapaglia

Sei Note in Logica
€ 19.90
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roberto cacciapaglia - Sei Note in Logica
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Alan Licht's minimal top ten

roberto cacciapaglia

Sei Note in Logica

€ 19.90

LABEL: Wah Wah Records
GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: Vinyl LP | CATALOG N. LPS111 | YEAR. (2012)

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Sublime minimal sounds from Italian composer Robert Cacciapaglia – a record we'd rank right up there with the 70s best from Terry Riley, Steve Reich, and Philip Glass! Cacciapaglia follows in a tradition begun by other Italian modernists – like Giusto Pio and Franco Battiatto – but he also adds in phase-oriented playing that really opens things up – a beautifully lyrical vibe that's probably most close to Terry Riley in its hypnotic swell, but which is carried off here through complicated variations of strings, woodwinds, electronics, marimba, and some especially great vocal passages! The cover's as wonderful as the music – and the whole thing's a set we've treasured for years

"Cacciapaglia's second album from 1979 featuring the title composition scored for voices, orchestra, and computer. This newly remastered edition also includes the original unreleased acoustic version. Ver last copies available, now out of print. "Cacciapaglia is an Italian composer with a long career; this early LP is an anomaly in his output and seems to be his take on the then-current Minimal trend, as the music and instrumentation is highly reminiscent of both Fred Rzewski’s “Coming Together” and Steve Reich’s “Octet” (which, to be fair, Cacciapaglia probably hadn’t heard since it came out at the same time as this LP). But the wild card here is the incorporation of computer sounds–pretty novel for the time, and used to awesome effect. A massive influence on Jim O’Rourke (just ask him) and I’ll bet Fennesz is well aware of this disc as well. Ace photo of a tennis court on the cover too (a pretty Minimalist sport, when you think about it)." Alan Licht - Minimal top ten

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Originally Released in 1979.First time ever vinyl reissue.  Remastered at Abbey Road by Cacciapaglia himself and Simon Gibson.  Limited to 500 copies.

Para cuatro voces, grupo instrumental y computadora. Ensemble Garbarino, Direttore Giuseppe Garbarino.

Esecutori: Ensemble Garbarino.
Direttore: Maestro Giuseppe Garbarino.
Voci: Elfriede Demetz, Alexandra Althoff, Cettina Cadelo, Eloisa Francin.
La realizzazione elettronica stata effettuata con la collaborazione del Maestro Pietro Grossi e del Dottor Tomtnaso Bolognesi in programma TAUMUS - software di gestione
del terminate AUDIO TAU 2 controllati dal sistema IBM 360/168 presso it CNUCE - I.E.I. istituti del C.N.R. di Pisa.

Primo collaboratore Piero Milesi Registrazioni effettuate negli Studi Ricordi

Produzione artistica: Claudio Dentes.

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