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short frites a / short frites aa



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a challenging project to say the least, ultra limited and incredibly packaged "Continuous remixing, remaking and re-arranging material which originates from one initial source is a major theme in Anselm Caminada´s work. The starting point for short frites a is a film soundtrack written by Anselm Caminada, Martin Benz and Patrick Kessler. They continued working on the material. Musical instruments, cow bells, plastic bottles and several other obscure devices meet for a jam session in the middle of the Swiss Alps (actually in the middle of Zurich).

The result is short frites a, 20 minutes of free improvised and groove based electronic and acoustic music. This is followed by short frites aa where each composition from short frites a gets chopped up and transformed again. In this reincarnation Anselm Caminada pushes the material to new extremes and creates a highly inspiring concoction

Cat. number: graphon 05
Year: 2009
Genre: Sound Art