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persona - Som



€ 100.00

GENRE: Psych | FORMAT: 10" | CATALOG N. nc | YEAR. (2016)

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Original pressing (from 1975) of this super rare 10" by Persona, alias Luis Carlini. Experimental weirdness featuring a spoken introduction, percussion and a studio mashup of guitar manipulations with dubbed-out passages, collages and sound manipulation make up to a really unique listening experience that submerges the listener. Features the backup group to resident freak girl Rita Lee (ex Os Mutantes)
Recorded at Studio "Midia" in Sao Paulo December 1975 - Includes Poster with instruction to play the Psych/Mirror/Candle Persona Game while listening to the record. ne of the rarest and most desired Brazilian Psych experimental records full of fuzz guitars and experimental sounds.  Presented as a sonic/game during the XII Bienal de Arte of São Paulo by the artist Roberto Campadello and future Tutti Frutti musicians here at their most experimental peak ever! Experimental weirdness featuring a spoken introduction, percussion and guitar. If Mr. Stapleton had ever come across this one he would have surely put it in the infamous NWW list!

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complete with the poster

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