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maryanne amacher

Sound Characters (Making The Third Ear)
€ 17.50
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maryanne  amacher - Sound Characters (Making The Third Ear)

maryanne amacher

Sound Characters (Making The Third Ear)

€ 17.50

LABEL: Tzadik
GENRE: Sound Art | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. TZ 7043 | YEAR. (2020)

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2018 Restock. The "Making the Third Ear" part of the title refers to the phenomenon that listeners experience when listening to Maryanne Amacher's compositions -- played at the right volume, sounds seem to emit from within the listener's head! Even though these works were written for installations in specific spaces, and not for recording, the "third ear" still happens (but not with headphones). The included pieces range from a rather comforting wash of tones ("Synaptic Island") to boggling, bleeping loops ("Dense Boogie 1"), and are, necessarily, often excerpts of longer works.

Marianne Amacher is one of electronic music's truly legendary mavericks, whose music has been presented almost exclusively in huges spaces and installations for the past twenty years.

This diverse collection of electronic soundscapes and "ear-dances" was chosen by the composer especially for Tzadik to work in the more intimate settings of compact disc.  Spectacular acoustical effects take you to expansive worlds of dancing difference tones and psychedelic sonorities. A rare release by one of the most reclusive and elusive of today's musical visionaries.

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