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moniek darge

Sounds of Sacred Places
€ 14.00
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moniek darge - Sounds of Sacred Places
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80s electronic, acousmatic, analogue synth, electro acoustic composition

moniek darge

Sounds of Sacred Places

€ 14.00

GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: CD digipack | CATALOG N. KYE 13CD | YEAR. (2011)

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Remastered digital issue of perhaps Moniek Darge’s defining 1987 lp (originally issued on the storied brussels-based igloo imprint) . Five pieces recorded throughout the early & mid-80’s :: “turkish square” (“soundscapes, voices, violin, n-dimensional oscillator system”) works a slowly morphing / heterodyning electronic pulse (ala Roland Kayn) under street-captures & sound-events in ghent ... “abbey sounds” is a collage-piece weaving location recordings & reflections on st. bavo abbey in ghent by david moss, john king, charlie morrow, guy de bievre, and others ... “rain” (“voice amplified by larynx-microphone, soundscape of rain”) beats mama bär at her own game by about 25 years, with a dense layering of poly-rhythmic rain clicks & orgiastic / orgasmic inner-throat moaning(s) ... “solstice sun” is a superb musique concrète treatment of not just the klang of the “roland bell,” but it’s wooden arch-supports & surrounding mechanisms (listen to the sound-sample for a taste) ... finally, “three sunbeams” fixes contact-mic’s to the bodies of a series of nine bells, which are “gently stroked by mallets with a steady beat” creating a new “ring tone” ...


moniek darge sounds of sacred places

... an incredible disc! if you’ve been taken with moniek’s more contemporary work (as heard via the two other discs on kye, both excellent) then you’ll find much to love herein ... highly recommended !!! (Mimaroglu)


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