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giulio aldinucci

Spazio Sacro
€ 16.50
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giulio aldinucci - Spazio Sacro

giulio aldinucci

Spazio Sacro

€ 16.50

LABEL: Time Released Sound
GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. TRS053 | YEAR. (2015)

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Beautiful new release from Italian soundscape artist, Giulio Aldinucci. Entitled “Spazio Sacro”, it is an absorbing blend of moody electronics and liturgical field recordings, or as the artist himself puts it…”The seven tracks that compose Spazio Sacro (“sacred space” in English) are characterized by field recordings taken in places that are related to the idea of “sacred” in different ways. The starting point is a reflection on how human rites define new soundscapes (e.g. processions, architecture of churches and cathedrals or ruins of isolated mountain sanctuaries). The audio material has been manipulated and the music has been written in a constant dialogue with my personal memories, especially those from childhood, when in my area (a small village in Tuscany, Italy) religious rites still marked the pace of the community life throughout the year. "It's a truly haunting landscape of sound, gauzy and indistinct, softly pulsing and strangely granular, as of whatever bonds holding these songs together is truly tenuous, and as such, songs don't start and stop as much as bleed into each other, crumbling into nothingness, only to slowly surface in another form, that form in constant flux, billowing and ethereal, dense and ominous, whispery and serene, all the while, the artifacts of life, the sonic detritus of everyday life, lay beneath these undulating swells of chordal thrum, of tranquil mesmer, of haunting, harrowing loveliness. This just might be our favorite TRS release yet.

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