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Spiral Insana - 1
Spiral Insana - 2
Spiral Insana - 3

Nurse With Wound

Spiral Insana

Label: United Jnana

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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**2020 stock** A new edition of Nurse With Wound’s 1986 LP Spiral Insana here. The album’s sprawl is one of the finest examples of Steven Stapleton’s singular sound. Working in tandem with frequent collaborator David Jackman, Spiral Insana opens with some contemplative, almost Coil-esque drones which become gradually more tortured as the record wears on. This centre cannot hold, and as such the album’s second half gradually descends into wiccan concrete and hallucinatory field-recording blends.

Cat. number: UJ2004
Year: 2009

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