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Edward Artemiev

Stalker / The Mirror


Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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**Long-awaited reissue of this incredible soundtrack, in a glossy jacket with printed inner sleeve** Completing the seminal trilogy of Edward Artemiev's re-recorded music to Andrei Tarkovsky's masterpieces, 'Stalker' (1979), and 'Mirror' (1975). Both films followed in the wake of Tarkovsky's possibly best known, 'Solaris', following more earthbound and metaphysical themes of spirituality and existentialism, with Edward Artemiev's original music beautifully capturing and reflecting the surreal and chimeric nature of both classics. The A-side features four standout pieces from 'Stalker', including the pastoral title theme of angelic choirs, pipes, harpsichord and synth alongside the breathtakingly expansive synths and rolling percussions to the sepia sequence of 'Train', and the memorable accompaniment to "The Room" scenes of 'They Go Long', beside the Balalaika strings, wispy pipes and synth of the achingly beautiful 'Meditation'. The B-side is given to themes from 'Mirror', with the sweeping, discordant drama of 'Exodus' and Artemiev's staggering 'Dedication To Andrey Tarkovsky' leaving us weeping and in need of a hug. Quite simply, anyone with a passion for classic soundtracks owes themselves this LP. Highly recommended! (Boomkat)



Cat. number: MIRI00709LP
Year: 2013

Limited to 1000 copies

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