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Still point

Label: Rossbin

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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Chris Burn: piano, toy pianos Rhodri Davies: harp Phil Durrant: violin Mark Wastell: violoncello. All works are quartet improvisations except 'Related Activity' composed by Mark Wastell and 'still point' composed by Rhodri Davies. Recorded 7th January 2001 at Gateway Studios, London. Engineered by Steve Lowe. Assumed Possibilities comprises of four musicians who understand the meaning and use of understatement and close listening. This quartets non-idiomatic music attains a minutely focused intensity, where the subtlest shifts in pitch, timbre and texture speak volumes. Though sounds sometimes sting and startle,the music carefully colours the aural environment,often hardly modifying the silence... growing out of and merging back into it. The results are detailed, meticulous, precise and responsive. Sensitive music for sensitive ears. The recording of 'still point' marked the occasion of the quartets third anniversary in January 2001,their previous self-titled CD was released in 1998 to critical acclaim on Confront Recordings.

Cat. number: RS 007
Year: 2001

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