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stuart chalmers - edward sol

Syncopated Soundmirror
€ 6.00
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stuart chalmers - edward sol - Syncopated Soundmirror

stuart chalmers - edward sol

Syncopated Soundmirror

€ 6.00

LABEL: Ikuisuus
GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: TAPE | CATALOG N. IKASUS-061 | YEAR. (2018)

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**75 copies** "Concrete" sounds and sequences recorded with delay / looper pedals, then built around more layers / details mostly with cassette loops and sampler. The aim was to create the space which is quite simple and elemental but dense, intensive and organic. Some may found reference points to Zoviet France, Nocturnal Emissions and other early '80s industrial bands. All sounds by Stuart Chalmers and Edward Sol, spring 2018.


"Many of the artists covered by Vital Weekly know each other and many of them are into 'collaboration', meaning, these days, the exchange of sound files through file sharing sites, bouncing back and forth sub mixes, processed versions and in the end a mix waiting to be released. I am not the sort of guy who looks strangely at these things and seldom surprised which people work together. In fact in the case of Edward Sol and Stuart Chalmers I could easily think 'why didn't they work together before?' They surely share a similar interest in loops (analogue, digital and from sound effects) and lo-fi sounds stored on cassettes. On top of that there are 'other' electronic sounds, Dictaphone abuse and maybe some vinyl sources. On this release we find four pieces, all about eight minutes long and in each of them there is sufficient amount of atmospherics to be noted, that much needed drone infested sound that is part and parcel of this kind of music, and together with field recordings captured in and outdoors, the electronics wave together some neatly spooky tunes, a gentle haunted house soundtrack of rusty metallic doors clanging, mad monks chanting and the rattling of broken toys. Nothing is too complex here, as it all sounds pretty straightforward but given the listening a great head trip. I would not have minded a few more of these lovely lo-fi pieces as after thirty minutes I was merely settled in, waiting for the (un-)rest." - Frans de Waard

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