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Tappeto Volante

Label: AMS

Format: LP

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Exclusive LP reissue of "Tappeto Volante", third and last one release by Aktuala, replica of the original Bla Bla release. "Tappeto Volante" is the third and last one of this series, made by an 'open musical collective' from milan, a fixed nucleus with many different contributes from guest musicians. As the Third Ear Band have always been inserted in the international prog panorama, the same happened with Aktuala, who were real music pioneers able to blend world, ethnic, jazz and avantgarde music.

"Tappeto Volante", published in 1976 always on Bla Bla record label, was the swan song for Aktuala, an unique ensemble who often suffered a lot of criticism, often unjustified, from colleagues and critics. In a period of great social and cultural changes, Aktuala consistently continued in the making of their third album, an LP that consists of several short tracks that do not reach the cohesion of previous releases, albeit in line with what had already been proposed earlier.

Tappeto Volante is mostly composed of music fragments recorded in Morocco and mixed by Claudio Rocchi "adding few electronic effects that give that sense of depth impossible to seize with just a recorder ". Alternated to these cuts, natched moments stealed by one long "jam" session recorded in a canteen by Daniele Cavallanti. "What we have discovered in Morocco? A lot! Cavallanti answers. "For a month we have turned the country (the nature there is amazing), than we have moved in the south of the country, nearly to the borders with the Sahara desert. Here it is where we have taken more, entering in the life of people of the place, we made some friends, we played with local musicians and we have seen how traditional instruments are manufactured. It was a relaxation period, but at the same time richest of experience: until that moment, I only had sax tenor and soprano and clarino: actuallyI am able to play hour meeting to know very various diferent kind of flautes, viliolins and percussions"
Cat. number: BBXL 10009
Year: 2014

edition of 500 copies