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tanz mein herz

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tanz mein herz - Territory

tanz mein herz


€ 17.90

GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: LP | CATALOG N. std infi 10 | YEAR. (2015)

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Truly amazing LP featuring musicians from Toad, France, Sourdure etc. on bagpipes, double bass, guitar, lap-steel,
violin, frequency generators, percussions, tambourine and more. "Tanz Mein Herz sees Sauvage and Tilly joined by members of Toad, compatriots who use regional folk instruments like the French bagpipes and violin in order to create monolithic folk/drone constructs, as well as guitarist and bass player Pierre Bujeau. Territory underlines their commitment to the sounding of specific spaces as well as their grounding in local folk traditions, and here the music trades the dense metal gravity of France for a more rapturous and serpentine approach to going nowhere, with Bujeau and Sauvage working simple intertwining patterns of strings that touch on the communal ascension style of Santana circa Lotus and Billy TK’s all-Maori Powerhouse group while violin drones generate breezy recapitulations of the sound of now."  David Keenan, The Wire

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12" 45rpm album, 300 copies. Airbrushed, spraypainted and silkscreened thick folder cover,
stamped labels. All different. Comes with Ricoh printed interview.

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