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Text-sound compositions 10 (LP)
€ 17.90
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various - Text-sound compositions 10 (LP)
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Text-sound compositions 10 (LP)

€ 17.90

LABEL: Fylkingen Records
GENRE: Sound Art | FORMAT: LP | CATALOG N. FYLP 1041 | YEAR. (2016)

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Volume 10 (from the serie of 11). During the years from 1968-70, Fylkingen Records released series of 7 LPs in collaboration with the Swedish Radio, all of which contained material that was presented during the yearly festivals for Text-Sound Composition that Fylkingen arranged during those three years. The yearly festivals continued from 1971-71. A series of records that documented these festivals was planned but, due to economic reasons at that time, they were never made. Fylkingen Records has now, over 40 years later, found the material that was presented at these festivals and continues the series with vol. 8-11 - one record for each year´s festival during the years 1971-74.

Tamas Ungvary - Annons (6.35)
Sine tone sequences, synthesized voices..

Herman Damen - Psychocybernetic Performance (10.08)
Psychocybernetic Performance (10.08)   Has a more dramatical character, as we seem to hear various voices (with various effects) in a sort of dialogues. You can tell Damen is more engaged with language, he wrote visual poems and performance pieces and developed a genre he called “verbosonies” where “vocalised morphemic elements are assembled in different ways”.

Lars-Gunnar Bodin - Semicolon; Seance IV (17.47)
 The first work to be realised in the EMS studio, in 1965, and, as Bodin says, “a fairly primitve text-sound composition, although the actual concept of text-sound compositions was only initiated two years later”. An excerpt from this was released on a 3CD compilation called “Bits and Pieces” in 1994.

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