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File under: DIYMixed Media

Maciunas Ensemble

The Archives Part 1 (1968-1980) - 11xCd Box

Label: Het Apollohuis

Format: 11xCDbox

Genre: Experimental

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Founded in 1968, The Maciunas Ensemble took Fluxus founder George Maciunas (1931 - 1978) score 'Music for everyman' (1961) as an invitation to explore the infinite space of sound patterns and musical structures. This exploration still continues after more than forty years. With Paul Panhuysen, Remko Scha, Jan van Riet, Leon van Noorden, Hans Schuurman, Helena Koning, Vincent Panhuysen. 'Since its foundation in 1968 the musicians of the Maciunas Ensemble always recorded their music with taperecorder, listened afterwards to the results and selected the best parts. Centered around handmade instruments (long-stringed duochords & monochords of wood and aluminum, modified guitars) as well as cellos, Panhuysen conjures rich harmonics and overtones through a variety of bowed and plucked techniques that aren't always tied to the drone.
Mark van de Voort together with Paul Panhuysen made a final selection from these early archival recordings of the first 12 years: this box contains eleven CDs, all of which have about sixty to seventy minutes of music, which are the best moments from the period 1968 to 1980, carefully selected from those weekly tapes by Panhuysen and Mark van der Voort. 450 copies.

File under: DIYMixed Media
Cat. number: ACD 091220-091230
Year: 2012

Recordings on these CD's are made at the following locations:
1966-1970 Wilgenroosstraat Eindhoven
1971-1972 Manege Eindhoven
1973-1979 Noord-Brabantlaan Eindhoven
1979-1980 Het Apollohuis Eindhoven