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The inexhaustible document (1987)
€ 13.50
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amm - The inexhaustible document (1987)


The inexhaustible document (1987)

€ 13.50

LABEL: Matchless Recordings
GENRE: Jazz | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. MRCD 13 | YEAR. (1987)

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Free imrovisation in the hands of AMM valorises the unknown, combining unpredictabiity with contexual coherence and the implicit drama of emotion and meaning in play. By opening out the moment it reveals the inherent wilderness of living processes that we lose sight of in an environment of over-determination, where the planned and the manufactured are foremost in our surfaces and where the principle disorders of poverty and extreme wealth are generated by strategies of control. Ambiguity and complexity enrich the perceptual field, create the conditions for the vital exercise of sensory powers of discrimination and emotional response. The music of AMM is based on challenges to this culture that arise from within it and are informed by sources outside of it. As 'the West' becomes 'the World' new indigenous cultures begin to organise, experimenting with propositions. What are 'production without possession, action without self-assertion, development without domination'?(7) AMM has created a pathway as a result of their musical and political thought that asks us to question many things, including the function of music in our lives.

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