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The Newest Sound Around - excerpt 1
The Newest Sound Around - excerpt 2
The Newest Sound Around - excerpt 3

Jeanne Lee

The Newest Sound Around (Lp)

Label: Down At Dawn

Format: LP

Genre: Jazz

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Down At Dawn present a reissue of Jeanne Lee and Ran Blake's The Newest Sound Around, originally released in 1961. The long-awaited vinyl reissue of this debut masterpiece. Produced by "Third Stream" genius Gunther Schuller, The Newest Sound Around stands as one of the most original and creative vocal-piano duet albums in jazz history. This is deep, intimate, and atmospheric music that naturally flows through transformed jazz standards, mournful gospels, and highly imaginative originals. It's time to rediscover Jeanne Lee's enchanting voice and Ran Blake's unique piano style and this is the right album to start with. "Full of love, care, and humanity. They always dance through melodies with devotion and intelligence, and the feeling of their music is always intimate." --Danilo Pérez


Cat. number: DAD 138LP
Year: 2019

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