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current 93

Thunder Perfect Mind (2 Lp color)
€ 35.00
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current 93 - Thunder Perfect Mind (2 Lp color)

current 93

Thunder Perfect Mind (2 Lp color)

€ 35.00

LABEL: The Spheres

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Purple Translucent double LP edition. Remasterd, sold out at source. Reissue of Current 93's seminal double album from 1992, Thunder Perfect Mind. Newly and perfectly remastered by The Bricoleur, this reissue comes with a new face to the old sleeve designed by Ania GoszczyƄska. Comes on transparent purple vinyl and includes a four-page lyric insert. This reissue marks the first time that Thunder Perfect Mind has been available on vinyl since its first pressing in 1992.
9.3 on Pitchfork: "Named for Aleister Crowley's "93 Current," a concept involving the internalization of spiritual change by select men of power, David Tibet's work is loaded with spiritualist references. Revering innocence and darkness, Tibet has also worked his childhood and present relationships into the complex cosmos. According to David Keenan in his excellent book, England's Hidden Reverse: A Secret History of England's Esoteric Underground, Tibet was inspired to take a personal approach to his lyricism after listening to Shirley Collins and reading Pascal and Kierkegaard. 
One of the strongest examples of this teeter between abstract noise and intimate soul-bearing is the epic Thunder Perfect Mind, a dense musical allegory released in 1992. Its title comes from the Gnostic poem, The Thunder: Perfect Mind. (Parts of its text are spoken and snarled by Tibet on the track "Thunder Perfect Mind I".) Interestingly, after Nurse with Wound's Steven Stapleton, a collaborator on almost all of C93's releases, had a dream that his next release would also be Thunder Perfect Mind, he recorded an album of the same name and released it alongside Tibet's. His is droning electronic pulses, tones, twitters-- an ever-escalating loop of frozen machine-age ominousness."

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