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Titles Of The Greatness Of Been
€ 13.00
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toss - Titles Of The Greatness Of Been


Titles Of The Greatness Of Been

€ 13.00

GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. K033 | YEAR. (2002)

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Floating of directly direction improvisation this record have almost no overdubs. Coming close to the abortion of sounds genuinely overlooked by contemporary artist, they succeed to use 'noise' as a base to build quite direct tracks. At times very soft and gently showing of a romantic side of things, followed by a psychiatric attempt to slaughter all neighbours. The general feel after listening to the album is gasping for breath. It took them 4 years to do this album of top guitar improvisation setting comfortably in the shelfs between Ashtray Navigations, Vibracathedral Orchestra, Corpus Hermeticum, 20 city or even the more loopy based projects of Philippe Jeck and Es.

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