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Tokei Nikki
€ 15.00
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busratch - Tokei Nikki


Tokei Nikki

€ 15.00

LABEL: RRRecords
GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: Vinyl LP | CATALOG N. RRR-999 | YEAR. (2010)

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Japanese turntable project probably best known for their work with Otomo Yoshihide and Hijokaidan, in their final LP, 2 compositions and 99 locked gooves. Side 1 = two elegant contemporary avant garde compositions -- kinda reminds me of AMM if they were DJs. Side 2 = 99 lock grooves."

the debut lp, simultaneously the last issued recording by the duo of takahiro yamamoto & katsura mouri’s busratch, a decade-long-running & quite prolific turntable duo with a series high-profile collaborations (hijokaidan, keiji haino, tatsuya yoshida, otomo yoshihide, computer soup) under their belt(s) ...

one side of deft, well-considered electro-acoustic improv(s) ... then a woolier side of found-sound lock grooves (listen to the sound-sample for a 3-minute needle drop that gets progressively better ; i’d love to know what all of those weird synth records are towards the end !!!) ... (Mimaroglu)

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