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Trax Reprint 2: Notterossa/Rednight
€ 13.00
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various - Trax Reprint 2: Notterossa/Rednight


Trax Reprint 2: Notterossa/Rednight

€ 13.00

GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: CDx2 | CATALOG N. SRV0007026 | YEAR. (2008)

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Much more than a simple record label, the TRAX experience coordinated from 1981 to 1987 by Vittore Baroni and Piermario Ciani represented a very original contribution to the "networking culture" that, making its first steps with Fluxus, Mail Art and other avantgarde circuits of the Sixties and Seventies, largely anticipated the advent of Internet and its interactive modalities. Twenty years after the end of a project that involved over 500 international artists and musicians in the creation of products in a wide range of media (cassettes, records, audio-magazines, comics, etc.), Small Voices in collaboration with Vittore Baroni launches a reprint programme of the most representative titles from the TRAX catalogue, one for each letter of the name: T for Traxman, the comics series created for Frigidaire magazine by Massimo Giacon and Vittore Baroni; R for Rednight, a collective homage to the work of William S. Burroughs; A for Anthems, alternative national hymns for real and imaginary countries; X for Xtra, audio works composed at distance through a process of crossed interferences. Each reprint, accompanied with old and new texts, contemplates a digital remastering of the original works with the addition of remixes, remakes or new compositions created in concordance with the peculiar and distinctive "modular" approach of TRAX.

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