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grischa lichtenberger

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grischa lichtenberger - ~Treibgut

grischa lichtenberger


€ 10.40

GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: Vinyl LP | CATALOG N. R-N 112 | YEAR. (2009)

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The inimitable Raster Noton label picks up it's Unun series with five tracks of utterly sick digital spasms and oblique hi-end processing from Grischa Lichtenberger following on from the devastating NHK 12" last year. Via various methods and processes Lichtenberger manipulates field recordings and musique concrete sampled from the world around him such as a sliding tabletop, the noise of a radiator or the humming of a broken device before transforming them into sound-giving instruments. The resultant sound swerves from a cacophany of autistic rhythms and unfathomably complex textures to almost poppy experimentalism and intricately funked syncopations edging on the territory of Autechre, Alva Noto or CoH mixed with the coarse textures of Yasunao Tone. The title 'Triebgut' refers to a German proverb describing a piece of wood floating in a river or the sea. In this sense it expresses a relation to things: between the observer and the floating thing, which has obliterated its functionality, there is no immediate connection - there is a lack of unifying meaning. Of it, the observer always only sees aspects, while the thing, without him on its mind, drifts by. In other words, this will take a while to sink in but digital dancefloor fiends and armchair consumers alike will find something to plug into here. Massive release - ESSENTIAL PURCHASE!

Notes   Tracklisting
"Ununbium" is the second release of the Raster-Noton "unun" series. ~Treibgut is a system of references to a landscape I used to live in. It is for those who always stood nearby in an insuperable distance. For my brother David and Nina.
A1   0406_01_RS_!
A2   1205_10
B1   0607_LV_1_RE
B2   Calipso
B3   0106_12_LV_3 Sand Ausheben