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Christina Kubisch

Two and two


Format: CD

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"First CD reissue of legendary collaboration between Christina Kubisch and Fabrizio Plessi." "The performance started with a four-channel ambient sound that continued throughout the whole performance. Since I had no sampling possibilities at that time, all of the instruments were recorded solo in my studio on a Revox machine. The recordings -- one channel for each instrument -- were repeated several times in order to create a kind of 'mega-loop' and the final result was transferred to a four-channel-tape for the performance. The superimposition of the sequences of different durations generated continuous layers of sound with minimal variations: a music that could go on forever... Tempo Liquido was one of our most complex pieces, mixing life, performance, video images, different projections, and a multi-channel sound system. I loved to perform it. It was a collaboration where our individual artistic ideas and activities really integrated into a common experience." -- Christina Kubisch.
Cat. number: amp 09
Year: 1999
Genre: Sound Art