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Alan Licht's minimal top ten

Alan Licht's revelatory lists of rare and obscure minimalism releases.

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John Lennon, Yoko Ono

Unfinished Music No. 2: Life With The Lions


Format: LP

Genre: Sound Art

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"These two need no introduction, but "Cambridge 1969," which takes up all of side one, is a completely unheralded classic.  For twenty minutes Yoko vibratoes her way around a single note while Lennon provides terrifying power-drone feedback accompaniment.  This is the ultimate punk/metal take on La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela's Black Album (which, considering Ono & Young's history together, might be both figurative and literal).  Towards the end John Stevens and John Tchichai chime in for some free jazz/minimal crossover a la Hermann Nitsch.  On side two there's "Radio Play," nanosecond snippets of radio played at regular intervals--almost Bernard Gunterish heard in 1997.  It's hard to imagine how betrayed Beatlemaniacs must have felt at the time or since--it's far more blasphemous than Metal Machine Music, but Lou didn't have a non-caucasian female collaborator for his fans to blame it on. I maintain that this album is a must for any outside music listener." Alan Licht


Cat. number: SC 290LP
Year: 2016

The front cover photo of John and Yoko was taken in Queen Charlotte's Maternity Hospital in Hammersmith, London, where Yoko had a miscarriage. The back cover photo was taken outside the Marylebone court by the Daily Mirror as J&Y were leaving the court on 28 Nov 1968.