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Uzi Mahmood

Label: Soleilmoon

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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Towards the end of his career, Soleilmoon put in a request to the late Bryn Jones to put together some material that was conventional enough to allow some crossover into the electronic and dance scenes.  This wasn’t an absurd request, because at this time his work more than flirted with dance and hip-hop beats, but often it was just as likely to slide into harsh, abrasive textures.  The proposed 12" requested by the label was delivered as a 90 minute DAT, all of which is reproduced here.  It is two discs of the most ass shaking, head-nodding material he ever did that conjures images of burka clad women shaking their asses, Miami bass style.
Cat. number: SOL 161 CD
Year: 2008