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Vegetation EP
€ 12.50 € 6.20
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container - Vegetation EP
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Vegetation EP

€ 12.50 € 6.20

LABEL: Diagonal
GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: | CATALOG N. DIAG030 | YEAR. (2019)

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Container hitches his britches for a rollicking technoise jag on Diagonal that seems like such a no-brainer it’s a wonder it didn’t happen ages ago! The American producer’s first shot of ’16 gushes a barrage of battered drum machines and not much else, but that’s all you need in the middle of a sweaty club surrounded by boxed mutants, isn’t it? Converging with the label’s taste for raw, salty rhythm ’n noise, the Vegetation EP hocks up five gobs of hard-working, motorik momentum; lighting the fuse with wry, stepping drum patterns and boggle-eyed drones banking to a queasy peak in Vegetation, whereas Soak hits a soggier rut of discombobulated bass drums and mucky acidic squiggle to a shuddering climax. Funnel eases off into a more aerodynamic but still frictional steppers’ bounce on the B-side, giving way to the Bunkered banger, Radiator, and the blunt force of Insulation to polish you off. 

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