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machinefabriek - sergio sorrentino

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machinefabriek - sergio sorrentino - Vignettes

machinefabriek - sergio sorrentino


€ 12.00

GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. fratto024 | YEAR. (2013)

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This is an album based on the beauty of the electric guitar sound. The pure sound of the electric guitar (mainly “clean” or sometimes get a little bit “dirty” with the fuzz pedal) evokes memories, images, emotions. The harmonics, simple chords, arpeggios, single sustained notes of Sergio Sorrentino’s guitar formed the starting point of the creation of each track. Sergio recorded ideas, sketches and improvisations, which were then further processed by Machinefabriek. Mainly using the sounds of Sergio’s guitar playing as building material, he constructed short pieces that emphasized the feel of the original recordings and fleshed these out to create a series of focussed Vignettes. This resulted a playful, melodic and highly accessible album that stands out in both artists oeuvres.

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