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philip jeck

Vinyl Coda (2LP)
€ 27.90
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philip jeck - Vinyl Coda (2LP)
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Turntablism Loops

philip jeck

Vinyl Coda (2LP)

€ 27.90

LABEL: God Records
GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: LPx2 | CATALOG N. GOD 40 | YEAR. (2016)

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Mindblowing double LP reissue by turntablist/sound artist Philip Jeck, finally available on vinyl the legendary Vinyl Coda I and II, two solo performances that come from two live radio broadcasts in February 1999. In these sets, Jeck uses a number of turntables and prepared records to create strange soundscapes in which crackles and pops meet with antiquated comments (from self-help records, for instance) and disembodied snippets of music from all fields. The juxtaposition of odd, unrelated sources and the accumulation of a number of layers of sound are what drive these pieces forward, what captures the attention.

"Philip Jeck works as composer, multimedia artist, choreographer...but above all, he is mainly well known as turntable manipulator. At the end of 90s, he produced something which later would be considered as cult piece - his four part masterpiece Vinyl Coda. It is probably his most important work and peak of his art: it defines not only his musical language, but also the entire turntable culture,as well as deconstruction of vinyl. The work is nothing less than powerful low-fi symphony, which through magical looping allows us to hear to"

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