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    Mirko UHLIG



    Format: Vinyl LP

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    LP only. Limited Edition of 130 copies. These 37 minutes mark a turning point in Uhlig,s work. "Genmaicha: At the opal seashore (the last full length Aalfang Mit Pferdekopf-album on Mystery Sea, October 2005) was a already a vague hint of what comes now: Uhlig on the peak of low volume.
    "VIVMMI is divided into five segments accompanied by a host of verdant birds and the melancholic and peaceful humming chords of an old droning piano (and without much doubt: completely out-of-tune). As if someone had pushed the pause-button on a lazy day in May. Then the sunbeams cleave through the thick tree tops in the shape of hyaline guitar layers. A hazy day at the lake; the orange dusk begins to surface on the glassy water. Slowly night flashes by and the gloomy pollies start their journey towards the moon which is at the end of the food chain this time. Open your doors for spring and lay your fruits upon the table. This is about loss and union.
    "VIVMMI is also the first release on the brandnew Ex Ovo label. Each copy of the limited first edition (65 hand-signed copies) will have an individual carboard-artwork by the artist."
    So far the original press-release from May 2006.
    Thanks to Plinkity Plonk/Kormplastics/Frans for re-releasing "VIVMMI" on vinyl.
    After listening to the piece again after several years, it makes much more sense to me in
    this particular format - and its division into two parts - even though I can't remember in detail anymore why I used
    what I used. So - I change the view from producer to consumer. Distance is such a neat sweet candy! The circumstances in which the record was conceived feel far away from now me and smell like "history".
    Getting in touch with it is equal some nice "cultural anthropology". So, have a nice time, watch the birds at night and may it not be your last tape.
    Cat. number: Plink 026
    Year: 2005
    LTD 130