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Vogel Musik_excerpt_1

Limpe Fuchs

Vogel Musik

Label: Robot Records

Format: CD

Genre: Sound Art

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Performing in the late 1960's and through the early 80's as half of the German duo Anima (with Paul Fuchs), Limpe Fuchs continues to explore music making as a part of everyday life. Her vibrant live performances are numerous and consist of solo as well as ongoing collaborative works. With her new release, "Vogelmusik" (or "Bird-music"), Limpe is heard performing a series of duos with multi-instrumentalist Christoph Reiserer (saxes/clarinet). The duo then extends to a trio with Julia Schoelzel (on piano), featuring a piece recorded at Musikfest, Munich, in 2004. The themes that developed from these recent recordings revealed a beautiful and bizarre series of compositions that have now been collected on CD for the first time. With an array of movements and audio dialogue amongst the performers, the "bird-related" themes have an equally visual quality that correlate perfectly with such titles as "Zwiegespräch" (Dialogue) and "Fliegen" (Flying). Using her voice, violin, along with a vast assortment of custom and homemade percussion instruments, Limpe's work emits a remarkable sense of space and otherworldly atmosphere that one may liken to acts in musical theatre. "Vogelmusik" takes flight with a fresh set of utterly unique pieces from a true musical visionary. Packaged in a full-color digipak with illustrations by Christoph Heemann.
Cat. number: RR-37
Year: 2008

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