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Vole lotta love
€ 16.90
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borbetomagus - Vole lotta love


Vole lotta love

€ 16.90

GENRE: Jazz | FORMAT: LP | CATALOG N. Tyyfus ‎– 11 | YEAR. (2014)

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Insane Bobetomagus wax! Full-Blast-Borbeto jazz/noise recorded live in Helsinki Finland in 2005... Mix-maximized by Tommi Keränen. Beautiful 2 color silkscreened and hand-glued covers by Sami Pekkola. Titled inspired by the romantic M. Apsa video included with the gigs opening act. Those in the know will know. Grab it! Edition of 300.
"Thunderous new limited to 300 copies live LP from the killingest trio of horn/guitar thinkers this side of judgement day: recorded live in Helsinki in 2005 this is one of the most scorching and satisfyingly tactile renderings of the Borbetomagus sound. The horns combine the kind of hoarse, desperate melodicism of a Church No.9 or an Adieu Little Man with the kind of overloaded electric appeal of goddamn Fushitsusha circa Pathetique. Donald Miller’s guitar playing here is the bomb, detonating huge bass explosions that re-direct the mass of sound somewhere downwind of Hades while the Dietrich/Sauter tag team move from moments of almost naked/rude free jazz blat through what sounds like gargling with slowly expiring circuitry. But it’s such a joyous noise, such an all-out celebration of the appeal of explosive high energy rama-lama, that the effect is almost euphoric, a dense, grid-locked singularity that seems to be devouring five decades of free music excess. Comes on thick vinyl with screened sleeves and insert with liners. Very highly recommended!" Volcanic Tongue

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