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Claudio Rocchi

Volo magico n.1

Label: Sony

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

Out of stock

Special price, limited stock. A perfect combination of experiment, progressive music, acoustic foundations with tape collage, singer-songwriting, with lots of inspiration and invention with a good materialisation of it with clear structures, and interesting contemporary ideas. Trippy streched improvisation like tracks, as if the whole album are a kind of (acoustic) outro-freak outs, as stoned composition (still song based) trips. Volo magico n.1, is usually considered as his best effort, in much the same style as Alan Sorrenti's Aria with a side-long title track and softer tracks on the other side. The 18 minute long title track starts with a soft introduction and goes on with hypnotic move based on the guitars of Alberto Camerini and Ricky Belloni (from Nuova Idea and later New Trolls).

Cat. number: 0888750008220
Year: 2014