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Walzer Fur Ein Dreieck - excerpt 1
Walzer Fur Ein Dreieck - excerpt 2

Rolf Julius

Walzer Für Ein Dreieck (7")

Label: Edition Giannozzo Berlin

Format: 7"

Genre: Sound Art

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**Original 7" from the 1981, few copies in stock** this is the first vinyl record by the legendary Rolf Julius (1939-2011) whose work is largely focused on “small music”, or sounds so subtle they’re barely discernible. One of the most significant artists in the border areas of music and fine art, Julius, like John Cage, works with the term of "silence", and sound is a liminal listening experience. The sounds in Julius' works have spatial and physical qualities such as expanse, depth, weight and density.
Julius' pieces have a denseness and corporeality that imbues them, despite their mechanical origins, with a complicatedly organic quality. The four early pieces included in this (mono!) 7" are: Walzer Für Ein Dreieck, Afrikaan (Klavierkonzert No.2), Konzert Für Eine Grosse Wiese, Elefantenmusik. For 30 years following the completion of these first soundworks, the German artist continually developed points of intersection between acoustic phenomena, visual imagery and bodily experience that feel at least as pertinent today as they were when he plotted them.

"I create a musical space with my pictures. I create a pictorial space with my music. Pictures and music are equivalent. They meet in the brain of the observer and listener and produce something new inside." Rolf Julius

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